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Build your global diversified portfolio from as low as USD 2,000

The strategy utilizes a proprietary asset allocation method that incorporates macroeconomic and quantitative research to determine favorable economic regime and its corresponding asset weighting. The process is fully automated, including data collection, data processing, signal generation, trade execution and reporting. Each process may be updated on an ongoing basis.

How it works

What are the highlights?

Global diversification

Allocate funds dynamically and systematically through economic cycle in multiple asset classes and 20 selected high growth regions to capture long-term absolute return.

Risk under management

A highly diversified portfolio, averaging the risks among different assets. We adopt a systematic approach, avoiding emotional actions.

Full automation

Automate the entire process, including data collection, data processing, signal generation, trade execution and reporting, each of which may be updated on an ongoing basis.

Consistent improvement

The investment team conducts macroeconomic and quantitative analysis on a daily basis to improve every aspect of the product.


Periodic reports are disclosed, including daily view of your position if any asset movement, and performance review against contemporary benchmark.

Low cost

1% of the NAV attributable to the portfolio under management as the annual Management Fee. Minimum Initial Investment is lower compared to traditional fund products.

Is it right for me?

Long-term Horizon

Aim for long-term investment scheme to obtain absolute return, instead of short-term highly volatile gains.

Globally Diversified Portfolio

Allocate fund dynamically and systemically in multiple asset classes and more than 20 high growth regions.

Traditional Fund Substitute

Fully automatic decision making process, with less emotional interference and other human errors, providing a systematic and robotic asset allocation solution.

Your assets are safeguarded in accounts with Interactive Brokers Hong Kong Limited.

Your deposits are safeguarded in acconts with leading banks.

Are my assets safe?

1. What should I do to subscribe MegaMind?

You can contact our Financial Advisor to open an account, conduct a risk assessment, and transfer the investment amount.

2. What are the Fees?

Only Management Fee is charged, with 1.0% of the net asset value per annum, paying monthly.

3. How much do I need to invest?

The minimum investment amount is USD 2,000 for both initial and subsequent subscriptions.

4. How do I transfer the investment amount?

You can make a bank transfer or deposit cheque to our designated bank account. Additionally, you can subscribe with your remaining cash balance in your account maintained with CLC Group companies.

5. Can I opt out of the program if I want to?

Yes, you can give us a one-month written notice via email, at no extra cost.

6. Is there any lock-up period for MegaMind?



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