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Deep insights, creative solutions, delivered in a responsible and effective way. We believe this is the way for us to stand out in the competition. 

We encourage: 

  • Independent Thinking

  • Voicing in Opinions

  • Taking Ownership

  • Learning and Growth

Our formula is to foster a positive environment and attract talented individuals who fit well into our culture. 


Our Values

How Employees Think

"Less hierarchy, no office politics issue. At CLC, you are provided the flexibility to try any new technology and voice any new idea to enhance work efficiency. The company gives employees room to grow and nurture you with appropriate guidance."

From Investment Management Team

"Working here, I've understood the importance of being an open-minded person who is receptive to a wide variety of ideas, arguments, and perspectives, and embracing unfamiliar fields. This allows me to master my own part of the job in a short period of time and also gain the capability to step outside of my comfort zone and adapt to the new environment quickly."

From Investment Management Team

"After joining CLC, I feel that I have grown a lot, which is a painful but positive transformation. I gradually equip myself with the knowledge and skill to handle the work of my function independently and learn to keep up with various speedy rhythm projects. Those are not simple things for me, but they are definitely an important part of learning and personal growth."

From Corporate Management Team

"People at CLC are handling fast-paced and challenging projects in an enthusiastic way and with a positive mindset. No one is micro-managing you but you have to be responsible for your results and making an impact for the company"

From Corporate Management Team

"I love working here. It has changed my life and given me many amazing professional achievements and personal life experiences. I liaise between different functions to help people realize their investment ideas and gain the maximum return for our clients. I have gained most of my confidence and work achievement in a work environment at CLC."

From Investment Service Team

"CLC helps to unleash my potential, achieve my career goals, and let me shine. Here, I'm always innovating my working method and improving workflows, so that I can deliver high-quality results within a shorter period of time. I find myself passionate, ever-improving professionalism, and very rewarding working at CLC."

From Investment Service Team

Join our community to learn, grow, test your ideas and make an impact.

Working here

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