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Established in 2011, CLC is a Hong Kong-based investment firm managing multiple strategies worldwide. We generate attractive investment returns by following a disciplined approach with unique insights and deep research. Our distinctive culture has gathered like-minded, high-quality people to grow with us and provided our investment partners with ever-improving solutions.

We commit our own capital to every investment solution to better align our interests with our investors. Our investments and clients are also benefiting from our Investment Service unit's vast financial and operational expertise.

CLC Group companies are regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to provide Dealing in and Advising on Securities and Futures Contracts, and Asset Management services. Our Investment Service unit is dedicated to providing cost-effective and efficient execution to our clients and us.

About Us

Our Corporate Management unit manages corporate affairs and supports the company's growth. The unit consists of Human Capital Management, Legal & Compliance, Accounting & Finance, and Corporate Strategy functions.

We manage in-house and outsourced services, research and deploy corporate strategies, foster corporate culture, and automate and execute routines. 

Corporate Management

Our Investment Management unit is responsible for our investment research and management. We manage multiple portfolios through fund vehicles, discretionary account, and proprietary trading account. Our research mainly covers 2 areas:

  1. building and improving our proprietary Global Macro System;

  2. fundamental and thematic topics. 

We invest in discretionary macro and systematic strategies by utilizing our research and systems. Learn more >

Our Investment Service unit supports our clients and our company by providing cost-effective and quality solutions including Pre-IPO financing,  equity and debt financing, trade execution, and wealth advisory. 

We stress the importance of process management through adoption of technology, fostering meaningful partnership, and attracting industry talents, to grow and better serve our clients. Learn more >

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