Private Credit

The investment objective of this fund is mainly to provide investors with attractive income and capital appreciation.

Our Approach

Amid a negative and shakable global environment, the portfolio seeks opportunities to generate stable income above the return of major financial assets.


Downside management

Proprietary sourcing

Understand the concern and fear under uncertain economic outlook

Define opportunities

Broad international banking’s network of relationships

Structure loans with collateral and structural safeguards


Global investors face more years of a protracted low yield environment, as central banks slash interest rates to combat the pandemic-led recession. The negative growth of GDP and increase unemployment rate of many countries are also evidence of the economic slowdown. Under this circumstance, investors look for some investment products beyond their preferred risk tolerance for better returns. We believe that this is not necessary, investors can have other options to stabilize their return without bearing extra risks. Our product creates opportunities for a competitive overall investment return with relative security of capital in comparison to many financial products.


Our product focuses on fundamental analysis to drive asset allocation decisions for private lenders.

Identity and analyze the financial position of the corporation. Seek for strong financial support or adequate collateral to reduce default risk and provide a greater cushion in the event of a default.