Our Hong Kong Equity Momentum strategy invests in companies with attractive fundamentals and technical profiles.

Our Approach

Factor investing has been gaining significant traction within the general investment communities.


Investors can take advantage of the advances made in factor investing to capture specific risk premiums.


One of the most popular styles among investors is price momentum, which primarily follows trends of individual stocks.


With our equity momentum strategy, investors can now own a portfolio professionally managed to gain exposures to price momentum.


Extra layer of risk management to dampen potentially high volatility associated with high momentum

Selected stocks with better fundamental characteristics


Stocks with price momentum can potentially generate high gains.

Fundamentally sound

Active risk management to reduce impact from economic downturn


Identifying companies experiencing price momentum in recent periods

Shortlisting companies with strong fundamentals compared to their peers

Constructing portfolios with healthy risk exposures.

Rebalancing frequently to ensure exposures staying on target.