Monthly Investment Programme

Build your global diversified portfolio as low as HKD 50,000

What is it?

Build your investment portfolio through the CLC Securities monthly investment programme ("MIP"), and benefit from regular contributions, enjoy the opportunity of lower average cost over time as well as the potential growth of your investment portfolio.


General Investment


Safety Net



What is it for?

Customise your portfolio with different strategies

Global portfolio

Institutional solution for global diversified portfolio

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Equity portfolio

Recommended equity selection by our research team for long-term growth

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Manage your risk

We will build a custom portfolio that reflects the risk you are willing to take. We adopt a systematic approach, having the investment thesis formulated offline.

Maximise your return

You can enjoy a relative higher return to risk ratio as compared to typical equity indices, bond indices, and balanced indices with similar fee.


1. Can I opt out of the programme if I want to?

    Yes, you can opt out of the programme at any time with no fees. And the money will be            returned to your account start of the following month.

2. What are the costs to invest?

    Our advisory fee is 1.5% of the net asset value per annum, paying monthly.

3. How much do I need to invest?

    The starting investment is HKD 50,000. The minimum monthly contribution is HKD 0.

4. How do I fund the account?

    You can transfer money / deposit cheque to our designated bank account manually every        month. You can also set up a recurring transfer from your bank account to our designated        bank account.

5. When will my programme be cut?

    You will be automatically withdrawn from the programme once your Net Asset Value                reaches USD 100,000.



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