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IPO Disclaimer

  1. Investment involves risk. The prices of securities may move up or down and may become valueless. Trading prices of new shares will not necessarily exceed their issue prices.

  2. You should carefully consider whether any investment products or services mentioned herein are appropriate for you in view of your investment experience, objectives, financial resources and other circumstances.

  3. You should refer to the relevant offering documents before making any investment decisions.

  4. This document should not be constituted as an offer for the purchase or sale of any investment products.

  5. The share allotment basis has not been determined at the time of subscription. Should the shares be oversubscribed, you may only be allotted part of the shares or even none at all.

  6. All fees and charges charged by the company for subscription of new shares will not be refunded after the subscription of new shares.

  7. The company reserves the right to amend the relevant terms and conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice to customers.

  8. The company reserves the discretion to adjust the financing ratio and margin interest at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice to customers.

  9. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.

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