EMAP ex-China

The portfolio seeks growth beyond China / growth market beyond China

Our Approach

​The strategy is constructed to obtain exposure to large and mid-sized companies in the Emerging and Asia Pacific markets with limited exposure to China. We believe by tilting regional exposure, the strategy will generate superior long-term growth opportunity and at the same time reduce the downside impact of China specific risk (possibly arising from a pro-longed slowdown or worldwide decoupling effort).

The portfolio provides alternative equity exposure to Emerging Market and Asia Pacific regions.

Low cost

Customized-to-fit theme

Systematic investment




Long-run Dollar Weakness

Japanification of China:

Pro-longed Slowdown of China

Pro-longed Conflict between US and China

Regional Economic Alliances or Trade Pacts

Growth Opportunities in other Selected Markets


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Determine country selection

Country of risk (revenue, domicile)

Country selection (Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets)

Filter illiquid stocks

Filter firms' revenue exposure

to China

Apply free-float adjusted market capitalisation

weight and select up to top 50 stocks

Cap weighting limit to constituent firm

Apply rebalancing rules