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Deposit Process

CLC Securities Limited is a licensed corporation regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission and complies with the subsidiary legislation of the Securities and Futures Ordinance: "Securities and Futures (Client Money) Rules"; the licensed corporation must keep the Client money separately from its own funds, and client money must be handled in accordance with regulations to protect client funds from losses due to the failure of licensed corporations.

For detailed provisions, please refer to the electronic version of the Hong Kong Laws website:!zh-Hant-HK?tab=s

The following are the licensed qualifications of CLC Securities Limited in the Securities Regulatory Commission:

In addition, an investor compensation fund is set up in Hong Kong to provide protection for licensed intermediary agencies in the event of default, and each investor can receive a maximum compensation amount of HK$500,000.

For details, please refer to the website of Investor Compensation Co., Ltd.:

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